Age of Calamitous - how do you grow seeds?

Lunar hemp, mystical plant - I have a ton of seeds and have tried everything - how do you get them to grow?

A uv lamp and foil over the window?..

Seriously though, have you added compost? I dont have AoC (console here) but to grow normal stuff you need compost.

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to grow them you need to join the AoC discord and read the AoC guide:

I could not find where it explained how to grow them but did get some other information.

Guess I’ll never know!

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You need compost and fill a AOC water bucket and add it to the planter and the seeds for whatever plant you are growing. All AOC planters tell you what they need same as vanilla work benches.


I’ve tried that. Ranch water plus a Age of Cal planter plus aurora or dragon fern seeds


Filled Bucket of Water (crafted in the Woodworking bench) + Dragonfern Seeds + Potent Compost

Same for Aurora Herb (use Potent Compost i/o Compost). Btw It is all in the guide that I have linked:


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Thank you a million times over! I was using the wrong bucket!

Now I am growing like mad!

Thank you!

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