Planter: what am I doing wrong?

I’m having trouble with my Crude Planters getting things to grow, and I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I made compost in the Compost Heap, placed it in the planter with the seeds. I’ve done this before & always had some indication of stuff happening within a few minutes, but now after 3+ hours, I’ve got nothing.

For full clarity, here’s what’s happening. Two Crude Planters (because I’m lazy). In one, 1 unit of compost and 1 Hops Seed. In the other, 6 units of compost & 5 Hops Seeds. This is on a private server, running Pippi, Fashionista, Pickup+, Sexiles, and Emberlight.

I’ve never used any higher tier compost…but now that I think of it, I think I did use a mid-tier planter in my previous (offline) game when growing hops. Odd that planter choice would matter. I’ll try that, thanks!

Hops should grow in crude planter. Only thing I know of that needs potent compost is lotus seeds.



Check the Description Graphic again. I guess, you Need to add Water.

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All Lotus-seeds need potent compost. Use heap with “2 compost+2 blood+2 raw ash” or “2 compost+10 dung+2 raw ash” for potent compost.
All other normal compost.
No water for compost or potent compost needed.

he is using Emberlight

Uhm… Sure that actual compost is being used? Not the compost heap?
Lots of people have falled for that.

Actual compost is in use. I did make that mistake once, long ago, but yes–actual compost. Putrid meat + plant fiber + bone meal.

Add water? Since when? And how? I’m not using a modded Emberlight planter, but a base game Crude Planter.


Check the Grapics in the Planter. Emberlight changes all aspects of Gardening. It Shows a Bucket and Blue Symbol of Water. If not, I am Sorry and cannot help you.

Have Nice Dice!

no, no need of water, if vanilla planter of course.

But planters matters, some plants grove in the crude, other need higher, and some specific seeds need the higher compost to.

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