Planters Are Liars

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Crude Planter says it grows plants slowly.
Planter says it grows plants at a regular rate.
Improved Planter says it grows plants quickly.

I tested all three planters with five crops each. Every crop grew at exactly the same rate regardless of which planter it was in. The yield for each crop was also exactly the same across all planters.

x5 Aloe
x10 Plant Fiber
x25 Hops
x25 Leavening Agent
x50 Highland Berries

The only difference is inventory space and the texture.

As a side note, the yield for plant fiber is a joke as it takes 5 just to make the required compost.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Read.
  2. Plant.
  3. Watch.

while i agree there is not a big difference in growing rate and time maybe. You can’t plant all seeds in simple planter, and need the advanced for example lotus and some special seeds.

But it must be honest, i plant in these planters more for decoration purpose, the fun to do so than real efficiency. It’s mostly quicker to go to the area the plants are growing if i need them for some craft or receipt.

Planters should need less ressources to grow plants, and maybe a bit more seeds would be more nicer.

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Actually you can grow everything in a crude planter, you just need Potent Compost for lotus (other than yellow). Try it out.

I did, but never had lotus, other than the yellow, in crude-planters, or they changed it the last night. :wink:

Nah. It’s been like this since EA. You can see it working in that screenshot above.

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you know, that’s often the fun.
What is working for one, may not still work for others. And i have planters in nearly all my bases.
Of course you need advanced compost to make them work anyway. But the crude one don’t like me i believe.

So it would seem. :wink:

It certainly is a buggy game.

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