What is the difference between crude planter and planter?

There are two planter, The crude planter and the planter. What is the difference between the two?

There is actually three, and the difference is in how fast the plants grow in the planters. Also the three all have different looks.

Yeah it’s aesthetic.

Mix and match with your builds!

Tks guys

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I tought it was only cosmetic.

I might be misunderstanding, my english is… not the best, but the Wiki (Farming - Official Conan Exiles Wiki) says: the only functional difference between the 3 buildable planters is the number of inventory slots on each, but when I click on each planters, it says plants will grow slowly (crude), regular speed (normal) and faster (improved) rate.

So that brings another question in my mind: do the animal pens have the same effect, or the difference between them is their HP only? I never bothered building an armored/improved animal pen, since in single player I can easily defend the primitive ones too, no need for sturdier pens.

From what I notice when I put food with timer in, the timer increase in the armored one

No, they have increasing inventory space and, as BrutusWhitefang mentions, they reduce decay rates as well.

A good place to check the differences between crafting stations is the crafting station article on the wiki.

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I didn’t even know this article exists :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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