Please Something Useful With Planters Or Reduce The Cost Back To Something Reasonable

With the 2.1 update, the cost of T3 planters was increased to 100 hardened brick, 25 insulated wood and 10 steel reinforcements.

This cost is astronomically high for how little the planters actually do for a player, particularly when compared to the lower tier planters that (as far as I know) simply provide a smaller inventory. I don’t believe they have faster processing times or anything.

As you know, all planters do is convert gathered seeds to plants and given that the act of gathering a plant is what creates the seeds, this effectively translates to a simple multiplier to the gathering rate for that plant.

Basically, there’s no real reason to use planters unless you’re one of those “waste not want not” players such as myself. For the number of seeds that you get and how much plant material those seeds produce you’re far better off just farming a little longer and throwing the seeds away or converting them to something else, like oil, if you can.

I realize that this is a low priority area of the game, but I guess that’s why I’m wondering why you bothered to change the costs at all. Is there a plan in the future to expand the gardening system in the game? If so, why? Personally, I would love that, but I imagine there would maybe be at most 10 other players worldwide that would appreciate an expansion of that part of game play. Was there a feeling that planters were somehow unbalanced? If so, in what way were they unbalanced?

Given a lot of the problems that this update had, I’m particularly irritated by this change because it just seems so incredibly arbitrary, punitive and pointless. The time spent making these cost changes would have been better spent on bug fixes or code reviews.


This have to be an error, 100 hdbricks for one is just plain silly. Good find.


If, however, this is a step towards viable renewable “agriculture” (ie not having to go pick up seeds in the world for every new plant) then I’m all for it!

(which I seriously doubt but just putting it out there)

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Yeah. I feel the same way. But you know that’s not it.

That being said, Pelicans drop eggs now with a skinning knife and I am beyond excited about that.

Beyond eggscited, even.


That’s eggcellent! Yolk might even say it’s a real treasure, and eggs marks the spot! And all that on a Fry-day!

Ugh. I am disgusted with myself. Yet not enough to not post this.


This is not a nice change. I only use planters decoratively because the decorative ones are limited and ugly. If planters are going to become significantly more costly then the decorative ones need to be improved to be on par visually but with reduced costs.

I think the decorative ones are better for the server too since they don’t have an inventory.

Funcom, please give us better options when it comes to decorating our bases with plants.

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I’m not sure about if it’s better for server related issue as more as for client related issues , having to load all the tier 3 planters with one single flower in their inventory ( as using them as decoration ) , is much heavier than having to load the same amount of decorative ones ( except those ones of course won’t mach your build if it’ black ice or wooden ( so basicaly for some dlc they are ok like aquilonian wich is in the white side of the color scheme , but for turanian , and darker themes , we are out of options, and have to rely on the tier 3 planters or tier 2 ) . We absolutely need a decorative version of each planter ( and I don’t thinks it’s impossible for them to do because the tier 2 and tier 3 already exist in the game files as they show the intended plant as a decorative would work ) , since they are adding a few benches to the game I would love that the artisan tables gets also more attention :slight_smile:

(Not to repeat my topic, but…)

For that cost, I’d like to see T3 be a foundation-sized farming plot that could take a farmer thrall.


I am finding that the cost of things is up on anything that requires farming, its like they want us to farm more and more and more to build huge ■■■ bases that are super huge, no chance of hiding out somewhere small as cant have benches in small base.

Most of the changes make things more of a grind and some of them make no sense at all to why they changed them other then on a whim.

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