Age of Conan Ray Tracing

just testing out :smiley:










really like light interaction with NPCs


is this with a newer RTX card ?

Isnt RTX raytracing only for games that are explicitly designed for it? Otherwise the card would be really worth the price :wink: Maybe a postprocessing Filter?

I think it’s a filter, the game doesn’t use ray tracing APIs as far as I know.

You are correct, this is not RTX, it is Screenspace Ray (Path) Tracing shader by Marty McFly, it is still in development. I will include it in my Reshade preset once it is available to all.

Would be this one?
the result in AoC seems quite good.

Yep, thats the one. It needs work but gives some interesting results with appropriate setting.

try this and mcfly shader

its been raining in Tarantia :wink:
(testing reflective surfaces)

It looks really nice. Can you upload your preset?

Damn, that’s some awesome ‘mucking about’.

Anyone on AMD GFX gear doing this? (not a fan of nVidia…so shoot me!)

silly question maybe but does this break Sprint??

update: a guildie says it could be a loading issue. Funcom has sprint disabled when shaders are loading?

It is working now. The game looks really sweet. For example fog is more realistic. Thank you <3

how its working if threre are no link for download?

? wtf ? You linked it yourself lol

He was referring to ReShade Ray Tracing that it’s still in alpha state. That shader mod can be downloaded only becoming a patreon ( here ) of the developer. But I don’t suggest you to do in this phase. The result is good as shown in the screenshot, but still need work (the global effect is glamourous but single materials can appear even more unrealistic. And this can’t be fix by post-processing, but you can find a good compromise), and tracing is always demanding as performance, so prolly it could kill fps if you don’t have a good and recent vide card.

Oh i dont know if use that! I googled “mcfly shader” and saw a link to github and that is were usuallly safe software can be downloaded. But ur preset also works in reshaders.

i might be using it wrong (?) but i like the lightning effects like for example teleporting to different zone.

well if you downloaded by github, I guess you’re using Reshade as shader, but not the ray tracing mod. Can’t say if you use right or wrong, it’s even a matter of personal taste. Anyway you’re prolly using a preset, like the one linked in the thread, if didn’t change settings by your own (that I would do carefully if you don’t know them). If you want to experiment, you could search and try other presets for Reshade with Age of Conan.

any updates on this mod? will it ever be released? aoc +rtx lightning even if its fake rtx will be great to see

Imho this is pretty pointless until the game is optimised for newer DX as well as newer PCs and systems. As long as the game is an unoptimised mess, such great work will go to waste.