Age of Conan Reshade [Actually working]

I created reshade pereset for Age of Conan to give it modern look of today games.
Download here
AoC NextGen


Really nice and realistic for the matter!

Good job, but what the game engine really needs it is real AA, not just a blur shader like FXAA or SMAA 1x.

I would like to use DSR in this game to enjoy proper SSAA with proper texture filtering (no more texture shimmering in the far objects), but without UI scaling in the game, it would look really tiny.

this isnt possible

It is possible, i already wrote some wrappers for other games using deferred shading.

You can render to a RT surface bigger than your game resolution, and copy that RT to the present buffer once u finish. In fact, if i were motivated to write a wrapper for this game, i would do it this way, and i would try to identify the d3d calls that render the UI, and render those directly to the present buffer, so that the UI is not shrinked.

Essentially we are talking about doing Super Sampling AA by software, therefore, the quality would be awesome, with no jaggies, no texture shimmering, … but ofc it would take a big hit on your GPU, but considering that this game was running really nice in good cards from 10 years ago (my old GTX 285 comes to my memories), it is not an excuse today when we have 10x times more TFlops & we are approaching TB/s of memory bandwith soon too.

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that will be nice to have in AoC. A graphic overhaul with new effects