Age of Conan with Nvidia control panel?

Hello. Does anyone knows how to enable SSAO fron nvidia control panel in Age of Conan? Because its greyed out and not selectable.
Setting it to Enabled in Nvidia inspector dont help - no effect in game.
I want to use nvidia one because Ao ingame sucks and looks bad.

Any suggestions\tips?

Also MXAO from Reshade dont work too because cant get acess to depth buffer

Use sweetfx or whatever its called, i think that is included in the strangeui

Sweetfx only uses color correction and sharpening. Its an old version of resgade, if you dnot know.
I ask what i ask, no sweet fx, thank you

First go to the top of the control panel list

3D settings > Adjust Image Settings with Preview

  • Change the setting to “Use the Advanced 3d Image Settings”

Click the link beside it “Take me there” or pick “Manage 3D Settings” from the 3D Settings list

SSAO and HBAO (Nvidia version) are named as Ambient Occlusion

  • Options for Performance or Quality

Some games newer than AoC may prefer leaving this feature OFF, because it over rides what’s in the games. Also, it may look blurry in outer areas of the display and with a “tunnel vision” effect, but you can adjust that another way and see if it’s worth keeping the setting or not.

Above Ambient Occlusion is Screen Sharpening & Scaling. You can test the scaling on a lower setting and sharpen the edges or leave it at your native display setting. Would be cool to test both because people say it won’t slow performance, but with AoC it may be more noticeable.

I know that isn’t much to go on but hope it answers where to look and adjust. I’m thinking you probably know most of this and just needed the 3d Setting page to allow changes.

this option is greyed out

Ambient Occlusion is set to "Not supported for this application’ on AoC and it is greyed out for me.

@ Almuryc The game does not use ambient occlusion, rather nvidia will apply it with the option enabled, “Use the advanced 3D image settings”.

If you enable “Let the 3D application decide”, then you rely on the program and it’s not supported.

@ remunantsu

After changing the setting like the image above, the option under “Manage 3D settings” should allow options for “Performance” and “Quality”. What you’re trying to do needs to be Quality.

After that you can experiment with Screen Sharpening & Scaling.

can you providde any proof with ingame comparison that it works? Cause when i enabled that with Nvidia Inspector i still dont saw any difference