Next Generation Graphics a Blessing for AoC

New Nvidia RTX30 Series
September 8, 2020

Nvidia’s latest graphics cards are the largest leap between generations seen before.

Some benefits to Age of Conan include noticeably improved frame rates, reflex reaction time, machinima, live streaming, unprecedented lighting and shadows, and with double the processing power of the former top cards.

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I’d love to disagree another time, but right now I’m just learning more about improving the game. Thanks for unhiding this thread :beers:


aoc has no benefir from next generation of videocards cause he dont gen any updates at all.

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Why a blessing? I am a happy owner of RTX3080 and I See no difference at all between 3080 and 2060 which I owned before. The only thing I noticed is in FPS, its 50% better than it was before

If you want to see how Age of Conan could look if Funcom implement new technologies like Global illumination and deferred rendering i can show you.
This is Reshade with qint MXAO+Bloom effects. Optional DOF was enabled in some cases.

Before and After:

Before IMO Looks better than after


Imo those effects are not good, its like Black dessert online where they have those filters to hide that the graphics on longer range is bad


in every theme there are people that say such things. You play on LOW or on ULTRA?

EVERY effect is optional. DOF is just for screenshots as i said. Stop play dumb.
Google what MXAO is. AoK already have SSAO, it was in game FROM THE START! MXAO is just more complex and good AO then aoc have, thats all.
Bloom already was in game, reshades bloom just more nextgen, but you can allaws turn it off and play on low setting with potato graphics

So the first one is supposed to be the better and higher quality one?
The second pictures give me headaches.


In my opinion “modern” should look better and be an upgrade. The second pictures look washed out and foggy, way less sharp and less detailed, just with a blurry filter /not talking about focus here). Looks like a big downgrade to me. Not sure what your point is.


I found perfect graphics for people like you, here it is

Wow those after pictures look bad, like those ■■■■■■ Skyrim mods with overexaggerated depth of field

The problem I have with these screenshots is that the Depth of Field is exaggerated and doesn’t look natural anymore. Many Skyrim ENB / SweetFX / ReShade presets have the same problem.

Strong DoF works best when used for (non moving) pictures if you want to lead the viewers focus on the important part to show the details on that object.
DoF, motion blur and head bobbing in games (especially in moving) on the other hand often lead to headache for many people because the eye and brain would naturally adjust the view differently. DoF obviously exist in real life if you hold objects close to your eyes but your brain and eyes adjust accordingly (in some cases not, that’s why some people who need glasses get headache if they don’t use their glasses and have to read and so on), same with head bobbing, in real life your brain and eyes adjust accordingly and cancel out the bobbing but that doesn’t happen in game hence why many people complain about motion sickness in games with heavy head bobbing and unnatural camera movement.

But obviously, this is also very subjective, some people like these kind of graphics and have no problems with it.


Everything On ultra

I am full Ultra on games like Skyrim/ Witcher etc.
In AoC if i do this i get 60fps the best.
If i go to central HUBS it drops at 30.
If i do open world pvp it’s ok unless there is alot of people around (like 25-30 people fighting each other) last time i dropped to 17-24. Opponent might be 2 steps ahead but you see him close, or similar issues.

Made some tweaks.

Now i use DX9, 1440/900, 1200 view distance, shader model version 2.0, texture filtering quality bilinear, graphics at medium, particles always Raid/PvP and unfortunately i had to disable Shadows and set grass to low quality.

I tried disabling nametags, helps but it’s a liability: 1. You can’t make out friend from foe in PvP sometimes. 2. At OS, you confuse mobs with mini bosses.
That’s a no go!

I use strange ui now, it helped but i don’t know why.


60fps the lowest most of the time 120+ the highest. Latency, around 97 or so was the lowest i ever got i think (Solo Instance).
Sometimes fps can drop to 50 at HUBs. Today at WB it dropped at 24, with particles on my self but that was always like this anyway. OS is fine unless there are server lag spikes, same for RF.
Group/ Raid all fine.
Minigames depends. Open World PvP depends. It’s kind off a bet really, i see many of my opponents game runs faster and smoother.

I live in eastern Europe and i use a 4G Ethernet cable connection, CPU Intel I3 7th Gen, 8GB ram, Nvidia Geforce GT1080.
Sure system is a bit outdated but should it really behave that bad? 4G connection and full 100mbs, rarely drops at 98mbs is the best i can access here anyway.

Regardess. If anyone can recommend any tips i would appreciate it.

I agree with the others : every first screenshot of a pair looks way better !