Graphics/Engine Update


Does anyone know if there are any plans whatsoever (no matter how distant) for any graphics or engine updates? I so want to get in to this game and have tried a few times, but it seems so dated and I lose interest.


I feels this game aged so well its a diamond on what they have achieved in the past. If you look at WOW or even much more recent games this game stands proud and makes me laugh how people can play things like wow in 2018. But AOC… a lot of time I thought damn beautiful especially on the later additions like kithai or DS. The only thing this perl needs is fresh content. The graphics engine is more than sufficient IMO. IF I would do any thing then just a higher texture resolution package… since modern cards just handle those without any drops


I agree before graphic upgrades, I would rather see new content, higher level solo dungeons, or groups, anything. imo graphics are fine, if your rig can handle it set them to high and despite the games age it is beautiful


Don’t get me wrong they’re not horrible, but they’re not great either.


No there is nothing planned in terms of engine updates. They stated in their 2016 report that there will be no further big developement updates like engine changes, add-ons and things like that.


Shame that.

Thank you for replying.


Wow has a bigger budget and an entire Dev team of some of the best coders and artists in the gaming community. They have updated their graphics many times over the years. It’s still popular because it was the first successful mmo and peo5are heavily invested in it. I know a guy who plays nothing but wow. Tried to get him to play aoc and he didn’t make it past tortage. He’s too sucked into wow.


Which just justifies the achievements of the former
AOC developper team even more. Blizz is good in promtional videos their actual content looks far from superior or at least is totally not my taste :wink:


I agree it’s not for everyone but it’s still very successful


Honestly I agree. I hope the devs ask for some artists and do a big Age of Conan remasteres announcement, similar to black desert. It might actually be the saving grace for this game.


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