Update graphics?

ANy thoughts on updating graphics to HD or 4K, and letting us resize/customize our UI in game?


I might be consider old by saying this- I don’t see the need for updated graphics. Having recently (by necessity) upgraded my PC with more RAM and a Geforce 1050ti - the graphics are out of sight. I mean-full particles, high graphic settings on world boss and the battle is beautiful. The world is beautiful. I cannot see what more could be done graphically now.

And that’s with my old monitor- if I updated that to an HDMI monitor with a higher resolution, I suspect the game would stun me.

Just my thoughts…

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U just didnt see normal games then

Don’t know what a “normal” game is. If you mean new games, say in the last few years, then probably not. All I am saying with my updated PC, graphics are amazing for me.

Actually the graphics and realistic (mature western) art style is one of the reasons I play the game. I would just opt for higher res texture pack (upscaling textures should be easy) and optimized gpu support.

I agree with this completely. I have noticed since being able to play on High Settings, full particles- some areas have better/more textures than others. Sometimes I’m knee deep( or waist deep) in grass or flowers, others the ground is about like when I had to play on low graphics.

Indeed, I don’t care for bobble headed graphics- or overly cartoonish ones either- still, overall for me, its one of the best balanced graphically and artistically speaking games out there.

I think you’re missing the fact that this game is no longer being developed for. Updating the graphics is a completely unrealistic request that Funcom will never entertain the idea of. I don’t think you understand how big of an undertaking updating something even as small as the textures would be. Considering the last content they gave us was Palace of Cetriss ~5 years ago (I don’t count Kuthchemes as content), what makes you think they would put the time/resources into updating the graphics?


Love the PvE’rs that say they didn’t get new content right after getting new content.


He has a point tho, its a trend in mmorpgs to add these mini activities that no one asked for, and add a grind reward system with best in slot rewards, then u can tell the shareholders that your new update has close to 100% attendencerate, wihooo attendencerate > enjoyment


I come from a PvP server and I used to PvP back when the content was fresh and populated. I rarely PvP anymore because there isn’t anything new to do and the quality of minis has dropped significantly.

Kuthchemes is not new content. It’s a grindfest with rewards that primarily only benefit AoE classes or those that can’t accomplish T6 content. Moriala is right, it’s entirely to show investors that they’ve created something that everyone takes part in, ignoring the fact that people find it boring.


You are missing Mystyggas point here. PvP doesn`t even have such an update :smiley:

That was not lost on me. My point was that if they haven’t implemented any new content in 5 years, PvE or PvP, why would they spend money to develop better graphics?


No, the point is that you can’t say new content isn’t new content just because you personally don’t enjoy it.

To be fair, this thing was to pve what bori was to pvp.

Upscaling textures isnt a big deal cause we have now AI upscale techologies. I even did upscale of Lineage 2 textures, it took me less then a 2 days. But in Age of Conan its a bit harder cause aoc resources is a mess, all textures and models are scattered across multiple .rdb files with no comments or logic.
But it isnt impossible, just question of time and reason for devs. One employee can do all upscale for this game.

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