The game needs a graphical visual update from 2016 to 2020

I had abandoned the game, felt that there were no really “RELEVANT” updates coming out and that added really interesting things to the game to the point of arresting players, and look that I have more than 2,000 hours played, so much so that I even lost my base.
Some time ago I came here to say that for the first time I would not buy the last DLC of the game as “damning” the lack of added gameplay, but in recent days I have seen great news about the game and this cheered me up again.
I saw that will see mount, new caves and even new items, so I decided to play again and I really love this game even with its limitations, proof of my position change with the team is that I already bought my 7th DLC as “support” to the game as I always did.
So come on to what really matters, it turns out that in mid-2016 and 2017 the game’s graphics were very good, it’s still good but we’re getting to 2020 (4 years later) and in the meantime things have evolved VERY causing some things In the game’s graphic it left a lot to be desired, as the water and vegetation in general for example and the map is also absurdly empty.
Another very relevant thing is the arrival of “Ray tracing”, which would dramatically improve the lighting of the game, many games of the time like ARK for example are deploying it and surely a game that wants to stay “current” after years needs to go away. adapting to the changing needs of the public.
Once again I have come to believe you again, I have come to believe that the game will really keep getting better but by mid 2020 we have high expectations.
Work on a GRAPHIC UPDATE to keep the game competitive by 2020 and we all don’t feel “outdated” would be very interesting to work on the look of the NPCs they are “well done” but they are very much the same NPCs are a very important part of the game they deserve more attention myself I know for a head which look of all NPCs there is no “breakthrough” when I get out of my base I know perfectly well all NPCs I can find, especially since the change is few variations of “hair”.
I will be here, I will follow everything about the game closely and I believe and hope for you DO NOT DECEPTION ME AGAIN!

Absolutely no way consoles can support a graphic bump, especially something as complex and expensive as Ray tracing.

Also Ark isn’t working on Ray Tracing that I can find. Please feel free to provide a source showing where you read that though. Ray Tracing is pretty cool, but can understand why older games won’t be converted to support it.


Ah ya I saw DLSS also when I was looking around. But from what I understand, it’s for Super Sampling in Arks case. DLSS can help with Ray Tracing performance (or so I’m reading), but it’s not it’s soul purpose, with the other having to do with general rendering performance. Which is what Ark is doing.

Yes, indeed. I revised my original statement to be more clear on my original intent. Thanks.

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I did not understand your point that “consoles would not support a graphical improvement”, the new games have unbelievable graphics, already with 2019 technology, several games make GRAPHIC UPDATE, especially referring to water and vegetation, even moders do it, does not let the game much heavier these changes, especially texture changes.
Of course Ray tracing is something more complex, but texture improvements … remodeling is common, even ARK has remodeled animals several times, and they have improved a lot.
As I was clear from the text, the game’s graphic is good, but it could and should improve, and it has more urgent items like “water” and “vegeration” especially the game’s water is well past current molds and all of that is important for immersion in the game world.
I like the game as much as you do, don’t forget that!

Personally I’d love to see ray-tracing added, the newest iteration of Unreal Engine does support it, but the fact that current gen consoles lack such hardware is probably a deal-breaker. Still, a PC gamer can dream…

I think the game looks okay. A bit weathered, but it adds character. Something could be done about the rigid breast physics though. I’m not a pervert, but even my fiance agrees( she plays a lot too) that boobies do not move the way they do in game. If we want jiggles, then by Crom give us jiggles!

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No, game need’s to stay the same it was released. Changing games system requirements after the release is a scam.

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are you serious is it kidding? lol

As the vegetation surely the item that most needs a remodeling is the “coconut tree” his quality is far below the other items in the game and the clear water I insist lol

Of course they could use some new rendering technologies like real-time ray tracing mentionned above because it’s just a feature allowed by some GPUs, but when it comes to textures and models it’s more delicate. The consoles could not support graphics enhancement, and PC gamers who bought the game on the basis of the recommended configuration would be unhappy.

This is why games that last for years evolve slowly, because you can’t sell a game and one or two years later loose some of the players because their PC can not keep up with the improvements (besides it’s commercially questionable). Also the game was officially released on May 8, 2018, this is the date that matters about the publisher’s commitment to the recommended configuration.

But that’s why there is in every game from triple A to alternate a wide choice of setting graphic quality, “high” “medium” or “low” changes of this kind do not affect people who play “low quality” Every game system is already molded so thinking about what you said, that is the solution already exists in all games if it comes to need and the trend is that the consoles and computers are becoming increasingly powerful and not weak.
As is also common for such games to perform with higher quality on computers as they are the largest gaming base of this particular long-serving game follow-up.
I’m not being “hostile” to you I’m just talking about facts, hugs

And again, the game’s graphics are good, but the small changes already mentioned would make a big difference and as I said, the game is going to continue for a long time, that’s what we believe, so it needs to make improvements like this. I remember that sometime the water of “supremeru” changed was more “blue” was prettier actually, I’m just showing you that changes like this happen and you don’t even notice, only when they are for much better of course.

The devs have stated that they do not plan to update a newer version of the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). See the respective note here:
(FYI: References for the notes on this page are all over the place, if you know relevant and complete references let me know.)

Whelp… guess I’ll set fire to my RTX 2070 and put the ol’ 1070 back in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, my graphics look great on my 75" OLED. Especially compared to ARK which are trash on this TV.


I hope they stay up to date, the game is beautiful as I stressed a lot, so much so that I play it, but surely it needs to be improved, is what we hope of course.
As I said too I had “given up hope” when it came to the game, that it would no longer go so far as to ‘arrest me’, but I’m super excited about the upcoming additions, made me think 'hey they’re really still engaged in the game "I will finally ride a horse !!!
So Conan needs a lot of additions like this, the mount, which adds gameplay to the game, is a game that’s been there for 2 years, we’ve done everything about it, the company needs to focus on long-term gameplay additions, such as a system of “raising slaves and animals”, I waste tens of hours doing this on ark, and I am pleased my Flaming Weyver for example is already level 297 and he was born from the level 180 egg.
When they launched the opportunity to “have ice giants” was a very homely solution that pleased me a lot, I spent a whole week “entertaining it”, but of course afterwards I wanted something new to do, the same as when they launched the “Armor Shards” "I was glazed for another week, but then I wanted something else, we feel this need to do new things, and if it is to do new things in a game we already enjoy, it is as perfect as possible.
What’s still exciting is that the game is really good, whether it’s graphics or content, weapons, armor … which gives us the hope that the game will really release new gameplay that will bind us.

I already think the new mount system will give a new “up” but surely the team after that should start making a “flight” system with the dragons already in the game by the way, it is absurdly satisfying to fly the map 90% of my ARK gambling is flying around the map doing nothing.
I know this is already a very ambitious issue, but I see there an opportunity for the game to be extremely competitive, that of Dragons is extremely commercial, everyone likes it, is something that catches the eye, tell me if the idea of ​​collecting Dragons and flying on them doesn’t drive you crazy.
I don’t agree with what they said the “map is too small for that”, I think Conan’s map is huge, about the same size as the Valgueiro do Ark where I play.
Of course this would be an update of a huge magnitude and for that very reason would draw a lot of attention and I’m sure the game would catch the attention of everyone who has bought it and especially new people who were not interested in those 3 years would go for the first time. Pay attention to the game.
Then I tell you, I can fly Dragons on Conan and evolve my slaves and animals from 1 to 100 just like we do with the NPCs we control so I would play ARK? Conan would be a complete game and still have ALL that ark doesn’t have, slaves, weapons, armor, realistic looking NPCs, very important clear nudity lol, agent would just need Funcom to give us that little help.

Conan Exiles played at 4k resolution, and max settings… is awesome. No complaints from me, visually, except for the grey out while swimming. (Ruins my 4k view of the under-water areas.) Or on my swim to the Unsightly Siren’s.

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Reinforcing once again, the game’s graphics are great, that’s why I play it !!! That’s why the water and the vegetation (coconut tree), especially the water, stand out so much for having a quality so below the standard of the game.