Actually play the game you're developing

So many of the issues you implement with your updates could be fixed by you just playing the game,
for example:

Why did you change the lighting in the previous update? The only places it looks good now, are inside the vaults on Siptah, the rest of the game, Siptah outdoors and the regular map just looks ugly since, with blonde hair and anything bright glowing like a torch.
Suggestion: Fix the lighting!

Another old but still horrible change: the idle and run-stop animations and the voice/ sounds- the old movement was so much better looking and way more fluid, and I´ve had NPC voices off ever since that update. Who wants to hear their thralls coughing and moaning all the time?
Suggestion: Get rid of these sounds, go back to the old movement!

Finally and most importantly, stop putting out unfinished and non functional updates!
How is it even possible, that with every update you somehow manage to make the game unplayable for days? It´s not even funny anymore at this point.
Suggestion: Test your updates thoroughly before putting them out!

At this point I´m almost ready to give up on this game that I used to love, it really was a lot better over a year ago, with every update you made it worse, and I´m tired of going through the hassle of making my server work again and again after every pointless update that´s just full of bugs and unwanted changes to the game.


Clearly they are not, not like we are. So yeah short answer. I noticed a weird light too but yesterday all spent fiddling with the new benches so.

Npc makes noises is something a lot do like as if brings more life
And do see them removing them as is was a request from others

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Do was to be a don’t

@Kaya No offense but you are reacting a bit early. You dont have to give up such a beautiful game because of this. In the end the game is unique. Just give them few days to fix things. Why not.

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Not sure that they´re even working on fixing the lighting that was changed in the Siptah update months ago, and they´re definitely not going to change the stop and idle animations and stupid coughs etc that got added a year ago.

As for waiting a few days until the game is even playable again, yeah… definitely not the first time I had to, yet like I wrote I´m almost ready to give up on this game, not quite yet. They made the best game I know for building, but that wasn´t their plan, more of an accident or unexpected side effect, and they´re not developing the game for builders like me, it seems to all be focussed around PVP.

Personally Idk anyone who likes that, but sure, my post- my opinion :wink:

To be fair. For every 8 hours I play, I suspect they play 1 hour and code/develop content for 7.

Now, there should be game testers who play all 8 and get listened to. Personally I don’t have evidence to support that.

Also, from personal experience, programmers and artists are employees first. These projects are too big to get all true-believers. For some people, I’m sure the answer is : “it’s good enough; where’s my check.”

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Sure, I don´t expect them to be as interested in the game as players are, but how can an update that immediately needs to be patched (twice, within 24 hours) for the game to even work be considered as “good enough”. If that happened one time I would say, well, sh** happens, but every update now?

Have been playing the game since it launched.

Always a major update brings some problems, after some weeks, everything is alright.

And have been long since I had any crash in my game, or problem of any sort, until the last update when the server started to misbehave because one thing devs do that they shouldnt is to stack up allotment of persistence data in a way they shouldnt.

Other than that, no problems that have endured “forever”.

Every single WoW, GW2, EVE Online, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other games I dont play, updates and xpacs need patches right after.
They cant predict how the thing will work in production until it is in production. It is kinda OBVIOUS.

BlockquoteThey cant predict how the thing will work in production until it is in production. It is kinda OBVIOUS.

Ever heard of testlife? Obviously not.

That has no logic at all.
You can “testlife” (I think you mean testlive). Still not the same, still many problems will only show up in production.

It is like saying since a car ran around the block without issues, it should have no problems EVER.

As it is just circle reasoning of the mass complainer, I will just wish you a good life, and never see your messages again.

Siptah eldarium armors were broken on testlive client and were reported as a bug 2 or so days before “2.1 patch” release, a big part of Siptah dlc btw.
Still funcom decided to update.
Like why even use testlive client if your reports are simply ignored?
And yeah those armors are still broken and still don’t give right amount of stats.
Right now basic gear you learn in feats is WAY BETTER than gear you can get from new dlc core mechanic…making it a pointless part of content.
Amongst other things some basic weapons like khari bow etc are missing parts of their stats too.
Like idk why player should download testlive and test thing…just roll it live from the start and remove test live client.
There’s no point.


Honestly they said they have a pvp patch and new lands so wait till that comes out and it may fix what you’re wanting like armor maybe they are redoing that as well so why fix it today when you have to alter it tomorrow

Right now I will wait for Siptah release full then I will judge as many should at this point cause they may fix a bunch of it during the next few major updates

Do they play the game yes. But as always test live is not live they have other things in the test live version which needs to be removed from the live before they send it through but yeah testlive can have no issues where live can. As they said some major issues don’t pop up in there games on the side and how to you fix a problem that you can’t find or reproduce?

Thing is old siptah armors are working perfectly and old clans on pvp serve…but like why even bother really. I’ll just play something else at this point and take a sneak peaks at CE.
Too much frustration from this game. Maybe one day they will fix bugs and maybe one day we will have at least somewhat stable game…maybe.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I totally agree

I wrote software for my career and the idea of releasing production code with a preexisting bug list is just insanity to me. I’d have been fired in days if I behaved like that. But then things are different in the financial markets. I guess gamers will put up with things that banks will not. :slight_smile:

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It is like saying since a car ran around the block without issues, it should have no problems EVER.

I´m just glad funcom isn´t producing or developing cars and what makes you even think cars are being tested in the streets by the people who bought them, since that seems to be your argument, yikes.

It´s quite obvious to everyone except fan-people like yourself, that funcom is not testing enough and pushing non functional updates.

yes please.

No thank you. I like them.

That’s what we, as players, are doing, lol.

I feel about the same, it´s just getting too annoying, time and time again.

I mean I have played a lot of games, that include building and they all tend to be more bugged than others, but Funcom is the only company I know, that ever pushed an update that made their game completely unplayable on their own servers even, plus all the unwanted additions.

I still like the things you can build in Conan, and that´s why I´ll probably always come back to it, but I rly enjoyed the game more like it was over a year ago. Ok the mounts are nice, but I could do without those too.

Agreed, glad they don´t develop anything of importance :stuck_out_tongue: