Sorry, Siptah is just boring RNG s.hit with many bugged mechanics

it is boring. The dungeons are boring. The isle is boring. It is exiles, but worse and boring. It doesn’t help to put some villages in it (whereever you want to press 40 villages in). It is JUST BORING AND HAS A BAD LAYOUT, A BAD GAMEPLAY, A BAD GRINDRNG. Better play TESO for a senseless RNG grind as this.

It’s a feedbad. Eh, a feedback. Your patch will not change it. It is just bad. And if you look at the achievements you see that noone plays it. Maybe 5-10 % hardcore players which forces themselves. Funcom, what should this be? Programming the most boring and bad game since Fallout 76? Well… gratulations then. Between stuck in my thralls, stuck in a boss, searching a stuck thrall… and so on I gratulate for thinking that a bad RNG grind in uninteresting Dungeons and another bad RNG grind in a storm will bring people to play your game. Maybe have a look at the servers and see how they weekly loose people. Is there somewhere maybe a lever that you guys wake up and see that you are on a wrong trip?


This is a suggestion channel. So what do you suggest?


Yes it’s true, we get bored very quickly on Siptah. I think Funcom needs to put down the pencils, graphics tablets, keyboards and mice and do a BIG brainstorming with its development teams: they need to think about where the game should go. The game needs to be able to offer challenges to everyone. levels as you progress. And the mechanics of the game must be thought of in a completely different way between PvP servers and PvE servers (it is not enough to simply block attacks between players to be PvE). Finally, the game should be able to offer dynamic events that encourage people to regroup and move around (whether Siptah or the Lands of Exile). In short, a lot of work to upgrade the progression in the game and mechanics needs to be reviewed. I hope Funcom will do its job. You have to know how to question yourself.

In my humble opinion they just need some new minds to work on things…anarchy online I played the crap out of that game until they fixed it till it broke, it was a really good game for the time. Then I played the crap out of age of conan (have 5 accounts actually still log them in now and again) but once again they took a mostly finished game with great promise and then fixed it till it was broken…then came the secret world…I played the crap out of that too until they, once again, fixed it till it was broken. Conan Exiles came around and I put somewhere around 4000 hours into it until they started to do the same fixing till its broken routine. I will echo what people have been saying for a long time…fix the base game, then put out new stuff and bring the players back. With that being said I do have great hope for the mighty Siptah update but I will wait till it comes out and we see what new issues it brings and what old ones it brings out. Before I reinstall and try again. It is basically just the Funcom life cycle that made them in bankrupt and forced them to cobble together the emergency solution that conan exiles was. People forget that this game was the plan to get them out of financial trouble…not a long term or even viable game…merely a quick financial tool. I would imagine that this will follow the same path as the others.

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