Age Of Conan: Is It Worth Playing in 2018?

Positive video review of AOC from the YouTube gaming channel MMOByte.


Just another review of tortage, sad that everyone stops there at their review


She’s brand new to the game and I saw her swapping weapons as a ranger. Please take notes.

Everyone was new once. She was just explaining that it was doable to swap weapons during combat. A feature missing from most mmos.

I thought it was a good video and positive review. Maybe it will attract some new players. We might forget how it was for us when we were brand new players, after many times through Tortage it’s a lot easier for us. And the vid reminds us what a gem AoC is, despite our complaints which many are valid while some are not.


I’m saying she learned fast. I’m actually impressed

I’ve seen videos from that channel before. They almost always give the mmo a positive review. Even crappy Asian grinders.

I havent played for a good while, mostly due reallife time constraints.

But I always loved the AOC atmosphere and graphics, so Im considering reinstalling it.

Out of curiosity;
How does the game utilize new hardware, if at all?
I just dished out for a new computer; Ryzen 2 2700 with 16 GB of ram, Mk 2 SSD (PCIE) and Nvidia 1070 (Windows 10).
Is the core system still the same from years back, or is it able to utilize some of the horsepower from new hardware?

The game is CPU bound since it is almost completely single threaded.

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Dx10 works well now. It does only utilize a single core but so do many games. The engine was overhauled back in 2012 or 13 I forget exactly. So it’s not the same as launch. Try it out and see for yourself

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Thanks for the replies! I downloaded the game, and its still pretty :slight_smile:

Helene Bøksle voice/soundtracks are reason alone to play the game.


Yeah her voice is amazing.

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Hi Niding, your the friend of Kolikov right?

Old [BM]Niding from CSS ?

Best regards ( Condemned)/AoC WIlld :grin:

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Ah yes. I remember we played a bit on Fury was it?

Are you still playing, or lurking forums out of habit? :slight_smile:

I have a new life situation with a 1 year old girl to take care of :grin:. So i have limited time​:expressionless:. I do log on to crom when i can, New nick is Kraamz/Kramzor etc :laughing:
I also like lurking on forums :grin:

Hello there :grin:

I am playing this game from the start whith a few breaks here and there.
Played last Saga server and now returned for the new one.

I saw some old friends and i thought that this would be fun again.
After 1 day i saw many friends allready leaving again because of p2w and other known issues.
It was realy sad to see this happen. :disappointed_relieved:

I didn’t wanne give up totally so i went back to Crom and started a new char.
I have a lot of fun again and hope to see some old friends again.

I am playing a barb, Mavhea so hope to see you there!

Have Fun all :wink::blush:

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We hope to see you there…glad you are here…