Age of War: Chapter 2?

Do we know when chapter 2 is going to release? Also do we have any idea of the level of Purge strength that will come against us based on treasure hoard numbers. I’m solo and I’ve built on noob river with gold bars I could quickly pull out if I hear peoples bases are getting destroyed in the new Purge.

Looking online I found an article that said the Age of Sorcery chapters released every three months. If that’s true, The Age of War chapter 1 released June 22nd, so chapter 2 should release September 22nd? Can anyone confirm that?

Fairly certain. Should hit test a couple weeks before.

Funcom keeps very close to their release schedule. That’s one reason they release such shoddy updates. For me, the best part of Season 2 is the entertainment from the absolute shitshow it will incur.

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