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I was curious how the game is now i havent played in a little while has anythung changed so far like the second phase of the age of war or something?

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Second stage is in beta testing. No word as a definite launch date. After latest issue I believe they are going to play it safe and make sure it comes out right

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September 21.


Thanks for the info :+1:

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Chapter 2 has done a complete reworks of in world chests, you get actual treasure not sticks and stones. I like it. The Age of sorcery added magic and a dungeon.

Fighting, stats/skills have been all over the place, funcom has yet to hit a consistency a majority like.

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So by the looks of things everything is still just as they were before?

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The update will be released in Sep 21, so there are no changes to the live game yet.

It’s definitely more “Player focused” than thrall domination since 3.0

If you’d like to play it together, im built up on Official PvP, PSN- glaring-charity3

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