Sorcery here? What New?

I been away for a long time. So my version of Conan Exiles is outdated. Working a 58 hours a week kind took away my heavy gaming time. So I missed alot of updates. So what’s new? Also did sorcery sneak in while I was gone? Settlement system here? I been away.

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I am on ps4. PC has some new test live updates . Witch eventually will get to consoles. I have heard rumors of Magic but not substantial. I think it’s people with mods on pc doing video. The parity patch will change a good bit even if you don’t get Sipath . @Lady_Bonecold

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New expansion, it’s a new map with a kind of different game mode, it’s still in early access. With it many changes were introduced, in short:

  • New healing system.
  • New crafting stations.
  • Some Combat changes.
  • Some changes to recipes and new items.

I don’t know since when you stopped playing but this is what they are introducing. PS hasn’t got any updates of late though, they will get all the changes once the isle of siptah goes live.


Thanks @Cyryus that is alot more detailed than I could think of last night.

Update…they scratched the different game mode in favor of cut and paste game loops

One day… maybe… It’ll take some real Sorcery for it to happen. >_>

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