Does the Sorcery update add anything worthwhile for PVE/Solo players?

Like the tittle said, Isle of Siptha added some cool roleplay elements with the followers you liberate from cages. But the Exile Lands was still very Multiplayer- focused last time I checked (haven’t play in a while). I was thinking of re-installing Conan Exiles and check out the Sorcery update, but now I only play SOLO (all my friends abandoned the game after the official servers where we expend months building massive cities were just taken down without notice and we lost a ridiculous amount of hours of work) and all the Battlepass stuff, bosses, dungeons and everything else I’ve seen seem in trailers looks very multiplayer-focused. (withou mentioning that the the AI still don’t use Avatars, build on their own or do anything remotely interesting or surprising besides just respawning in the same place again, and again for grinding… plus the Purge System was very underwhelming and random last time I checked).

Is there any point of going back as a SOLO player now with the Sorcery update or is still too Multiplayer focused?

The only spell that might be useless to a singleplayer sessions is the Summon Corpse spell, but only if you have the setting turned off where you drop your gear on death.

Otherwise all spells are pretty useful for solo and singleplayers. Though some are less useful than others, but that affects multiplayer in the same fashion.


Thanks, but does the new sorcery mechanics add anything in terms of NPCs or Purges or anything?

Any AI / NPC additions? Like are there new NPC sorcerer or Sorcery focused-dungeons for SOLO players on both Siptha and the Exile lands or they didn’t include new enemies with the sorcery System? (I rather try and kill sorcerers than be one). Same for the new content, armors, weapons, etc. Can you find NPCs using or droping those?

I guess what I’m wondering is if all the additions they made are used and roleplayed by NPCs or just player exclusive like the Avatars…outside of the building pieces, since sadly, NPCs don’t randomly build stuff or anything :frowning:

Can you see any difference in the game if you decide not to become a Sorcerer yourself?

If one doesn’t use sorcery, then no, sorcery by itself doesn’t add much to the game.

But the updates added lots of stuff, such as

  • a new dungeon where you fight sorcerers,
  • new sorcerer NPCs in many NPC camps trigger warning: they don’t cast spells,
  • a some new armor sets,
  • a completely revamped attribute/armor system,
  • a transmog system to change armor appearance and
  • a new journey system which gives interesting new recipes such as stunning gas orbs and a repair station.

Telith’s ghost is still missing though, but there’s always hope.

If you’re looking for new PvE content, check out Savage Wilds and the Isle of Men if you haven’t already.
Both add completely new maps with tons of new content. The Savage Wilds team recently added another mod (“Shima’s Compendium”) which adds new weapon types, game systems and building pieces. It’s quite something.
Isle of Men is still more work in progress and a bit tough in my opinion, at least when new or rejoining after a pause. But if you’re in for a challenge, give it a try!


Soccery is an additional and fun to play content feature. It enhances your gameplay by letting you play around with different spells. But those spells are not needed in order to play the game nor does they add something of great benefit to the player.

Some people like soccery and others don´t. It comes down to personal preference.

Those 2 at the end are mods rights? Haven’t played with a lot of mods to be honest, but I’ll look for them. Thanks for the new vanilla info. Might go and take a look.

Those are all vanilla game.

Transmog-like systems were introduced by mods first, but Funcom added it to the base game by now. It’s really quite great.

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I try to avoid evil Stygian magic but I still find Sorcery beneficial …
Teleports - good time saver although I would make them more expensive / limit them somehow because the PVE server I play on is full of them
The ability to summon a body which I’ve used once so far when I somehow got stuck and killed while building and there was no chance to get to the body.
I sometimes use bat travel when building so I can check the build with enough distance
Lightning storm is used by a friend regularly against bosses, it’s not a miracle but it gets the job done

and of course Ilusion…is amazing

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I was talking about savage wilds and Isle of Men, Found them, definetly Not vanilla… they look cool, might check it out :slight_smile:

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