Any news on Chapter 2?

So the ages were to be broken into 3-4 month chapters. Well we are at the end of 2 months of 1st chapter, so wondering where the hype is for the 2nd chapter due in 1-2 months?

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Surely you would want them to fix the problems the first chapter caused before releasing another bodge job of an update?


Well yes, but just wondering of it has caused them to push back plans. And business 101 is to try and stay on schedule, or the revenue dries up. Calked Accounts Recievable to Accounts Payable overlap. If they stop making money, then they cant pay the necessary bills (labor) to continue succesfully for profit margin


There hasnt been a statement one way or the other which at least means its possible… but not probable before the 4 mo mark :wink:

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Chapter 2 is supposed to start the 1st of December if they stick to their new schedule.

Everything that we (or at least I) know about it so far is it will be sorcery-themed (because we are still in the Age of Sorcery) and there will be a new feature that will allow you to save recently fallen followers before they die permanently.


They added a Twitter post about Kurak and his army about an hour ago.

Hopefully they will add a timer count down to the battle pass so people know to get the lead out.
This one would not be surprised if things are extended a bit given all the rough roll out, bonus refreshes that didn’t happen, ect. If they decide to keep everything synchronize across platforms.
But as mentioned above, they aught not wait for too long.

If balancing new content vs bug fixes was a challenge before, doing so while on a production treadmill is going to be a nasty shock.
Here’s to hoping, it rhymes with coping.


Best way to put it. Yeah, it may be delayed slightly, but I was wondering where the hype train was. Marketing is key when doing planned releases, and hype is mankinds kryptonite.

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This one does not know their inner workings.
However, while opening the station for the hype train is fundamental for these sorts of endeavours, if the station is in disarray, it may not be prudent. Better a delayed opening than opening to a mess.

But there is a very narrow limit to that. A small delay will solicit grumbles but little other adverse response. Too long and… well, customers may find the denial of boarding to be boring and look for a different rail.

This one speculates, based on recent statements and responses, that they are trying to keep releases and updates on all platforms synchronous. While in theorey, that is good. In execution… well… Their console dev team needs help, more resources, more experience, tighter resting, they just aren’t equal to the task at hand…
And it is no more fair to force PC players to wait for the Sony team to figure out how to un-cluck the game than it is to expect PlayStation players to tolerate a broken mess because the release was rushed.


Ask, and ye shall receive:

I’m a bit skeptical about the “hype” aspect, though. The way the wind seems to be blowing on the forums, even the staunchest fans are feeling somewhat… disappointed.


I hope no one confuses my relative absence as disappointment with the game. I’m more frustrated by the reactions from some from whom I expected better (not talking about you if that’s how this comes across). I have been personally very happy with 3.0. Perhaps if I was a pvp player I would feel differently (perhaps… big haps) but I’m not.

The forums honestly can just be exhausting. Its like for 2 mo, person X rages endlessly about… something… and then 2 mo later, a miraculous doppleganger person Y who makes all the same tiresome posts shows up and replaces X… then its Z and so on. Could probably put most complaints on an index card, but to read the forums is like the world is going to end.

So I buried myself in the devkit and now am back to playing and testing my first mod (soon btw). I am shocked by how hiccup free it has been. I would never know how much I could enjoy this game from inside out if I read these forums before playing the game. My experience is just a total disconnect from what I read here. I suspect there are many others that simply play away and we just don’t know them (judging by recent player numbers, I’d say its a given) because they dont come here to vent.

Idk… just how I see it.


The disappointment I was referring to isn’t with the game, but with Funcom. And I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular. It’s more like a steady accumulation of little details: a turn of phrase here, a jab there, and so on.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my own perception that’s skewed, but the general mood seems to be a little down. And I mean compared to the usual mood you describe:

Yeah, it’s been like that forever:

(not my work, but I’m going to let the author stay anonymous)

Mine, sadly, isn’t as much of a disconnect as it used to be. I still enjoy the game a lot and have fun with it, but tiny bits of crap have accumulated over the years I’ve played it and they add up.

No, it’s not all doom and gloom, the game isn’t “dead”, or “completely broken”, or whatnot – at least not for me – but the general quality leaves a lot to desire and Funcom’s attitude leaves even more.


I am familiar with that bingo board… shhh…


Damn, that looks like something I would make, but I can’t take credit for this one. :rofl:


Come visit the PlayStation board, where the mood is at bedrock.

When in doubt, blame this one.
This one is 100% unhappy since 3.0 and has made no attempt to hide it. The game is very near to unplayable for some paying customers. The monetization features outright lies. If Chapter 1 is still a broken mess, how can this one possible have any hope for Chapter 2?

To be fair, rather than randomly or on a schedule checking the boards, this one now drops by the forums only when the game crashes or freezes, so this one’s mood is already fouled. However, the frequent inability to play has done wonders for encouraging this one to find other games and activities.


Not far from the truth! Especially for ps4 :confused:. I try really hard to stay positive these days.
It’s not their fault only, everything in our lives is becoming “harder” these days!


But also if they hype a release full of bugs in addition to a already “wiggling core game”, would that not backfire in their face?
I already said this, so long Funcom/Tencent are satisfied with their money income, we will be having “Their way or no way”. No matter how wrong a new update added to the game would be at this point, there will always be the players that can look further then wasting a couple hours every now and then because of bugs.

Here is a list of what I would like to see.

  • Implemented the latest network code into the engine
  • Optimized the server software and removed all errors and warnings from the log
  • Removed target lock from the game
  • Adjusted the epic armors to fall in line wiith dragonbone/silent legion equivalents
  • Buffed Khari armor to fall in line with dragonbone/silent legion equivalents
  • Buffed lightning storm damage to a fixed 7k per strike (building damage only)
  • Katana users lose hyper armor after starting the special charge attack, so they can be interrupted
  • Adjusted dagger hitbox, so they are easier to handle since target lock has been removed
  • Removed instant death from high encumbrance. It now does damage over time similar to drowning
  • You now get 2000 crom coins for 10$ on the bazaar. Adjusted the other pay outs respectively
  • Fixed a bug regarding buffs disappearing too early or getting overwritten by sated/hydrated buffs
  • Fixed headache debuff stamina reduction getting removed by eating a feast. You can no longer gain 50 extra stamina for the next 10 minutes
  • Fixed a bug where you could place explosive jars through doors
  • Fixed a bug where you can jump over anticlimb fences
  • Increased the animation speed of 1h javelin first attacks. Reworked the other animations of it as well, so you can hit faster with it
  • Explosive jars now have a timer and will decay after 24 hours. Use them wisely!
  • Adjusted the damage output from 2h axes by reducing heavy and light attack damage modifiers
  • Sword of Crom may now be equipped by thralls again but with a special modifier applied vs player characters
  • Reduced the damage output from pets and thralls, especially sabre tooths on all official PvP servers towards other players by adjusting the damage setting
  • Reworked the Stout perk with something new
  • Crushing Blows perk now staggers for 50% instead of 25%
  • Oh and btw, here is some awesome nice content we gonna introduce with the next chapter

I am pretty sure there are other aspects that I would like to see changed, but can’t remember right now.

Oh and introduce this attack back from the demon spiders please :slight_smile:


Fix HP bars :slight_smile:

Reduce the damage reduction with last stand to 60% instead of 95% so people cant rely on that and hide in their small houses as soon they get some aggro :slight_smile: (combat breaking perk)

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Here is a list of what I would like to see:

  • Zombies without loinclothes and bandages
  • NPCs without loinclothes


I’d actually prefer the ability to craft and dye the coarse loincloth and chest wrap.