Age 1 Chapter 3

So Chapter 2 has come and gone with barely a whimper. Nothing to get excited about other than shelling out more cash for cosmetics.

I play on a low pop server so perhaps that’s a factor but pretty much noone has come back to the game for Chapter 2. Mind you this was a low 20’s pop server when Age of Sorcery released.

Do you guys have any plans for remotely interesting content for Chapter 3? You clearly didn’t get the help you needed for Chapter 2, so what’s the plan now? It would be a miracle if most of the population is still around in 6 months. I keep seeing players join the server for a few days or weeks and then move on.

Do you need community feedback? Unpaid closed beta testers? Unpaid community volunteers? How are we going to keep the game alive?

Games have 4 types of players.

Core gamers: The heart and soul of the game. We die hards might take a brake but we always come back. Not speaking for all core players but I’m of the opinion most of us are more interested in the pass then the bazaar; but that is just my bias opinion. Or at least buy the pass the first time :wink:

Long term: You can also put competitionests in this group. Play till they feel; or are sure, they have done all there is to do and move on. These players will come back for major updates.

One of many: Conan is just one of many games for this gamer. They will play for a while, be gone. Come back for big updates, and be gone again.

Short term: They play Conan, they enjoy it, they get bored with it and move on. Probably never to come back.

Transients: Always flocking to the latest shiny. They will play for a day or a few when a game is new or when there is a major update, and be gone as soon as the next new game drops. They never finish games, usually playing at the game more then playing it, then gone.

The bazaar is for ocean going mammals and they come in all flavors. But it’s not what they offer that is the issue for me :wink:

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