Agent advice/thoughts

On the posts regarding agents, im not seeing S.A.I.
Can anyone suggest one with high Adaptability

Not sure it matters, really.
Once you get rolling with a few agents, you’ll be picking up the occasional bit of gear. Whether that be from mission rewards (uncommon) or through the Auction House (somewhat expensive, for now.)

You’ll be able to slap a piece of Adapt gear onto whoever just before a mission pretty easily. Even without that, their stats level up pretty fast.

Martin (270), Lee (prob. 270), Warlawurru (292) have their highest stat Adaptability, all belong to lower grade stat-wise.

Petru and Amir are the adaptability guys from higher grade group you want for missions. (Estimate is around 340-358). We are still not sure how traits that provide stat bonus work. But Petru probably wins either way because of his outstanding and affinity bonus.

(A lot of higher group have more then 270 adaptability even when it’s not their stat.)

Saving up to get an adapt agent, as the ones I’ve gotten have been everything but