Ages to come... Battlepass content

Thanks for the Dev Stream and the discussion on Ages in the Battlepass system.

Please consider the following:
Age of Heroes – fully developed rescue system and ways players can combat sorcery
Age of Community – developing the Settlement system and Thrall AI improvements
Age of the Lost World – dinosaur map as briefly hinted as a lore-compatible idea for the future

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Don’t we already have axes? Kidding aside - I still want to be able to end a sorceror by deftly throwing a stool at his head while he’s still busy doing his evil ‘you fell into my trap’ monologue and reveal.

Honestly, I never laughed as hard reading a Conan story than I did at the end of Rogues in the House.

Age of the Sail, ocean map with small/medium islands, boat/shipyards and finally a way to travel between EL and Siptah (loading screen ofc)


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