AI making poor weapon choices

Single player Testlive

Equipping a fighter thrall with a 2h sword, and lance, pick, torch.
Fighter will try to fight with a lance and not be able to do anything.
Fighter will fight with a pick and a torch and not do well dps wise.

It’s fair to argue that’s what you get for putting those items in their inventory.

However, I tried an archer thrall.
Equipped an Archer with a 1h sword, bow, and obsidian arrows.
Archer was choosing fists as a option when in a melee fight and comboing with fists rather than using 1h sword. Archer would swap between using 1h sword and fists in combat.

Thralls will only use “ranged” weapons from a distance, hence the word “ranged” weapon

Hello @Exiled1, thank you for your report!

Give your archer a bow and daggers he will use the daggers and whit the backfllip he will be bring himself on distans and use the bow

My thrall was opting to use fists instead of 1h sword in inventory when engaged in melee combat.
Thrall AI has been good at swapping between melee and ranged as appropriate.

Silly question, did you “load” the bow with the arrows. If i remember, if you put a new Bow on a thrall, it is “empty”. You have to load the arrows. If not, it does not default to flint even when out of arrows. this may be the case, causing the archer to choose fists when it has no loaded bow in inventory. I could be wrong, as i out of habit arm the bow every time i put one on a thrall, so never had this issue.

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