Fighter/archer ai

sry, am i mistaken? i thought there was a restriction on damage and combos if you assign thralls in roles they werent meant for. i even thought fighters couldent complete combos without preferred weapons. are/were either of these true???

Those are commonly talked about as fact, but in my experience they are completely inaccurate

a) Archers and Thralls seem to behave identical, when equipped identically they seem to do the same things (note that stats/damage effects are different, I mean just the behavior)

b) I see no difference in thrall behavior based on what their starting weapon was. Some weapon combos the AI just doesn’t do well with, though.

c) Significant bug exists when changing thrall weapons between fights resulting in inability of thrall to fight…I think this is what is has people thinking that they must be kept with the weapon they came with.

(all of these are anecdote based on personal observation, not able to confirm via testing)

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It seemed as if in the past they wouldn’t do combos with a different weapon than what they came with, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Not a lot is known about thrall AI under the hood. There are theories, but no proof. I am just lacking motivation to extract from my dev kit, but maybe a nice weekend project to pull all thrall stats and start comparing to see if there are certain numbers that corroborate some of the theories and my actual experience now that i like to use them (leveling is addicting!!!)

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What their default weapon was at spawn time doesn’t seem to make any difference one way or the other. I believe the only difference between fighter and archer AIs is how they behave when an enemy is encountered. Fighters will equip a melee weapon and close to engage, while archers will prefer a ranged weapon. Aside from that, they both exhibit bog standard (and broken) NPC behaviors.

Disagree. If you put both Ranged and Melee weapon in a Fighters inventory, he will pull the Ranged weapon out and fiddle around shooting just as an Archer does, when the target gets in melee he will switch to Melee until the range extends enough, then he will switch…same as Archer.

I agree with Zerog, only (visible) difference is what weapons they start with, though I do believe others’ testing has demonstrated a difference in damage output (but this was before the lastest updates)

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i always gotta few nice pedestals w dancers as archers, they usually hold up good in purges. but it jist sucked to reorganize so much cause the half dozen dina master huntress sisters all leveled like tanks.

this is jist an aspect thats still a lil half baked, im sure they are on it 8]

I’ve always seen archers go for the bow first, and fighters try to enter melee range. But, to be honest, I haven’t really tested this lately so maybe even that’s not the case.

There’s a definitely a difference in their damage modifiers (fighters get a much higher melee damage modifier than archers) but their behaviors are largely the same.

They explicitly stated in one of the dev streams that there was no difference between the fighter and archer AI, so take that for what you want.


yea thats what got me confuzzled XD

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