AI - test-live 24.02.2020

Test-live 24.02.2020
Single player
no mods

In my previous testing of testlive I reported 2 main issues

  1. Archer AI spacing out and getting confused in combat.
  2. AI using fists instead of a 1h sword in inventory.

For the first issue previously, while engaged in ranged combat and their line of sight was broken while attacking there was a chance they would get stuck and unable to attack. Now thralls and NPCS after 1 or 2 steps of confusion in random directions are now recovering and reengaging in combat - noticed improvement here.

The second issue is still a problem. I have observed several times in my short testing with both fighter and archer follower thralls. In melee combat as well as transitioning between ranged combat and melee combat - follower thralls are using fists to perform unarmed combo. Usually a partial combo, sometimes a full combo, before switching to a proper weapon to resume the fight.

To reproduce:

  1. Follower Fighter or Archer (Dalinsia/Lissa o’ Longbow)
  2. Load their inventory: 1h sword (black ice), bow(reach of red mother), stack of arrows(obsidian)
  3. attack Sepermeru
  4. observe follower confusion in using fists when should be using sword or bow.

Thanks for the detailed feedback @Exiled1, it’s been relayed to our team.

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