AI Pathing When Thrall is Trapped in Water is Broken

Pick a Fighter/Archer thrall, Pet. Have it/him/her follow you. Cross noob river where there are deep parts. Keep running; maybe break LoS.

IF the thrall goes into the deep part, they will not respond to commands. They will not teleport out. You must approach the thrall and chastise them (use a pick or something) or mount then dismount the horse.

I’m guessing the AI routine can’t find a path to the player. This generates an exception and the handler doesn’t know what to do. So an infinite loop occurs because the handler doesn’t… handle it.

Now on a related note, I’ve had a horse follow me into the deep part and follow me as I dive. Didn’t know horses could dive.

How To Trap a Thrall:

  1. The Croc/Exile camp on noob river.
  2. East of that is a small isle. Start there.
  3. Cross the river with a thrall, approaching the camp.
  4. Keep going, left or right, don’t stop.
  5. Thrall gets stuck on either side of the less deep path through the river.

How To Train Your Horse to Dive:

  1. Go to one of those swimming ghosts being shot
  2. Swim to the ghost, your horse should follow
  3. Wait for the ghost to be shot
  4. Dive for the lootz :slight_smile:
  5. Your horse should dive as well

I have had something similar to me happen while dragging an unconscious thrall. Halfway across the river they woke up, my rope snapped, and I found them standing ON the water, like Jesus.

However I couldn’t interact with them in anyway, I couldn’t ‘re-bound’ them, couldn’t fight or knock them out again, since I couldn’t reach them from in the water, in the end, I just had to call FUBAR and move on without them.

Now that’s some powerful sorcery right there.

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3.0 introduced a new thrall getting stuck bug. This is just another in a long line of “thralls getting stuck” and failing to respond to commands. I’m sincerely afraid this will be ignored like all the other stuck thrall issues.

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I got this bug yesterday, my way to go around it, in the middle of fight is to tell your thrall to unfollow and to follow you again, and its working :slight_smile:

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