"Aim mode right stick sensitivity," resets to "1,0000," at game launch

Game mode: Single player
Problem: Bug
Region: United States

Game mode: Single player
Game type: PvE
Detailed information of the occurrence: Settings > Controls > “Aim mode right stick sensitivity,” defaults to “1,0000,” at game launch.
If possible and applicable, be sure to also provide us with the following:

Official Server number: N/A
Hardware info: Xbox One, external SSD
Connection info: Wired
Additional details: N/A
Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue: Launch the game, set, Settings > Controls > “Aim mode right stick sensitivity,” to the value I want, kill the game, launch the game, the setting is set to, “1,0000,” again. I must set this at every game launch.

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