Ainmation's not working right

Game mode: Single player/co-op
Problem: Bug | Misc]
Region: US

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hey i’am having a issue in Conan exiles in the single player/co-op on xbox one and it has to do with ainmation’s when putting on armor on me or my thrall’s it does not move in the wind its like someone took a can of heir spray and put it on the armor the the other thing as to do with the female’s boob’s when i log in they move like they should but then after a bit they don’t and the last thing as to do with the armor again when i take off armor on the thrall’s like torso/head etc. and log out and back in it show’s the armor back on them but when i go to them and hit x to see what they have on it does not show any armor on them like torso/head etc. and i have done some things to try to fix it i have done the power thing were you turn off the xbox one and waited 10 minutes and turn it back on it did not fix it i started a new character from start did not fix it and the last thing i did was uninstall and reinstall it and that did not work and i did a ticket about it on september 19 and i still got no word from you guys.

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