Alarms, Thrall moods, Merchants

Greetings all. I’m new to the forum. I have suggestions that may prove to make the game more enjoyable and attract more players. I’ll keep them simple since programming is an expensive dark sorcery. If anyone has already suggested any specifically, I apologise in advance!

Alarms. Assign a fighter thrall to an instrument. When non tribe members come in range (like archers) they start beating drums, blowing horn, etc.

Defensive or offensive setting ‘moods’ for thralls. Defensive attacks when they or others attacked. Offensive attacks anything not in tribe.

Merchants can be captured. You load them up with a resource, place them next to other defensive thrall. Players can access inventory for a number of coins determined by the owner. Basically really a chest with merchant cloths. The key is a certain amount of gold or silver coin.


i like this idea, but i would rather the merchants be travelers that come to your base randomly with random items for sell. if they go your route i would say we should only be able to place them within the relic hunter city in a non combat area.

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Having a thrall man a horn or gong to alert you of nearby players would be awesome

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