All Crafting Stations Disappeared

Unable to test or recreate bug. Logged in today and my entire base was gone except for people and walls. Had almost all crafting stations and dozens of chests with tons of gear and supplies. Logged in today and all gone. I get on frequently and check timers all the time nothing should have decayed. Nothing listed in the log at all for the past 10 days. Nothing related to decay or people destroying things in the past 21 days. Ive seen similiar things mentioned in other places in this forum but often they were gone for extended periods or were on computer. None of those things were true in this case. Xbox. PVE official server 2729. No timers even close to out. Nothing in log. Nothing. No reason.

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Welcome to the Forum. Are you on Exiles or Siptah. I was on Siptah today
They have decay turned off. We’re you using Nemedian building pieces? There was a glitch with them. You can file a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom com. Sorry for the loss of your base. @willie_iv

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