All Item Wipe Bug or Hack?

Is this happening to anyone else?

On my server (6441) there were several clans last, including my own, that had everything in inventory slots wiped out of a location except for assigned bench thralls. Even the locked chests are empty. I walked into my base and even the beehives were completely empty. There is nothing in the event logs, like it usually shows when undermeshers sneak into a base. All the clans are reporting the same things - empty inventory, bench thralls remaining, locked chests empty.

Has this been happening to anyone else?

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Hey there,

Is this an official or a dedicated server? If it is dedicated, did you back-up your database files recently (and frequently)?

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6441 is an official server

It’s likely you’ve run into the bug linked above.

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My guess is that this “root cause” is mini-wild surges appearing in all your chests and cabinets.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the exiled lands, there’s somebody wondering why there’s a huge pile of random junk on his rooftop.


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