All items gone - logged out inside base

I logged out last yesterday safely inside our base and when I logged in this morning all my inventory was gone. Is this normal? I have no dead body on the map anywhere.

You could have died in sleep for several reasons. Some include:
Heat/cold. (Specially people with VIT30 forgets).
Gassed through a window.

I was indoors though and wouldn’t there be a body?

Body despawns at some time, had a clan member dying twice of heat and losing all once and I looted him second time. In this case because he sleept in cold armour and died when VIT 20/30 couldn’t counter it due to sleep.

This is why I never play on a server that leaves my body there when I am off line. When you go to select a server look for this setting. If the character remains in the sim when logged out, do not select that server.

Being killed and looted should only happen when you are playing, as a result of game play events. Being killed just because you are sleeping RL is ridiculous. This is perhaps my biggest pet peeve about the game.

It does make it easier to select servers though!

So your body temperature drops lower when you sleep in armor? What about being indoors, that does nothing to stop you from freezing?

If you have VIT20 and VIT30 you apply two countermeasures to something you would normally suffer from. And these gets disabled when you sleep.

A classic is to sleep with cold armour in the hot zones and heat armour in the cold zones and die from it.

So I logged out and came back in 50ish or so minutes, my character died, I logged out in my base. I was wearing Zamorian Thief (cold resist) along the river, maybe my character got heat exhaustion and died. Which I have no particular qualms about except I lost my stuff (yay /s) I have a clan mate sleeping soundly right next to me with Vanir heavy and he’s sleeping like a baby.

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