All Male Armors / bracelet clipping through gloves

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Other
Server type: Any
Region: EU
Hardware: Ps4 Pro

Bug Description:

I checked all the armors in the game and it appears that some of them have an weird interaction with the bracelet male characters wear on their left hand:

Name of the armors bellow:

  • Zathite dancer armor
  • Hyena-fur armor
  • Ymir altar armor
  • Kambujan Shaman Armor
  • Royal Armor

You can see in the images bellow only male models have this problem.

Did you increase the size of you character? I know that sometimes causes issues in the past like this but i thought they had fixed it a patch or two ago

In the pictures my size is increased but I already tested it with all sizes and it’s the same, I think it has to do with coding because there is an alternative armor to that of Ymir’s altar armor which looks the same but doesn’t have the same issue with the bracelet clipping through.

Seems the easiest fix is use a female character. I’m ok with that.

Well since we are on the bracelets…why do Siptah folks have bracelets to begin with?

The bottom picture looks like the lion is drooling :drooling_face:

Maybe it’s Finnish?


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