Keystone bracelet pull bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Server #3892 PvP US

Last night for the first time in months of playing, I made the keystone and pulled the bracelet. I’ve always wanted to just to “finish” that PvE aspect of the game. After it sent me to the character creation screen I remade a character, hauled ■■■ to the dregs to get the Obelisk and get re-invited to my clan. I then cruised down the river to kill a few things and knock out some of the easy early journey steps. When I got to the Sentinels where I have a map table, I used it to go back to the Dregs obelisk, once the loading screen started, I was back in the cutscene from when you take the bracelet off, except with that default male character( dude with white hair) walking out into the desert, and then I was back at the character creation screen. This wasn’t necessarily a big deal for me cause I was maybe level 11 from 10-15 minutes of running around but had I leveled up some and had some gear on and that happened it would have sucked. So the only real workaround was to close the game after you pull the bracelet before you recreate your character.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use Keystone to remove bracelet
  2. Recreate character without having closed the game at all
  3. Attune to an obelisk
  4. Fast travel to that obelisk and re-watch the end scene and recreate chracter…again

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