All My Character's Equipment Is Gone

I was running around around till, you know, my game grashed for the third time of the night and so, i thought, ok… I will just relog AGAIN. When I did, I didnnot have ANY of my stuff. I had not died so idk what happened. I am playing on a PVE-C server and after the CONSTANT gamecrashes on my PS4, the constant stuttering, the PVE-C bug of not being able to join because of an infinite loading screen! It is beyond insane! I can tolerate all of except my stuff dissapearing! Oh, and when I went to check the map for my corpse, I CRASHED AGAIN!

People can loot your body when you’re offline on pvp and pve-c servers so if you logged on and your stuff is gone but you didn’t die then someone looted you and ran off while you were relogging


This just happened to me last night infinite loading screen after crash had to log back in this morning I died from hunger lost everything.

Sometimes the game crash and I end up miles away from where I was if I get to log back in. The game is so suspenseful wondering if it’s going to crash and will I be able to log back in if it do

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