All of my equipment missing

Hi Folks,

I’ve recently come back to the game after a year away, but I’m running into all sorts of problems. My first character just disappeared, along with the server, didn’t show up in history, didn’t show up when sorting via the level tab. Okay I thought, I’ll start again.

Only now I just logged in today and all of my equipment has gone. Everything. Woke up inside my shelter, with nothing. No corpse marker on the map. Nothing in the server log to give me a clue as to what happened.

Is the game just broken at the moment with the new update or something? Is there any way to get disappeared equipment back?


a while back there was a consolidation of Servers, your previous Server may no longer exist, which would explain why you cannot find it.

What type of Server are you playing on?
This could inform as to what possible ways your character may have died while you were logged out.

How much time passed since your last login?
Its possible that the log no longer has the event which you died in the queue.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to get lost items back.

There are currently some issues with the game after the 3.0 Age of Sorcery Update.
However, none of the issues that I am aware of are related to losing inventory while logged out.

some general tips for helping to avoid item/equipment loss on death are to log out naked, in a fully sheltered place, and store your items, in a chest, or a follower (taking into account what type of Server you are on, could affect which option is the best for off body storage.)

I personally have had a lot of stuff just poof on me since the update, both gear and built items. But not a full inventory worth of items.

Hi Rollo,

It was on an official PvsE Conflict server, Isle of Siptah, which as I understood it doesn’t allow looting of corpses?

About 18 hours had passed since my last log in. And I was inside a small hut I had built when I logged out, and logged back in still inside the small hut, but naked and with empty inventory. The hut and its door were still intact, so there was no sign there had been any intruders.

So I can see no way in which my character could have died?

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