All resources have disappeared randomly; settings weren't touched

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

After logging in, I happened to notice that all of my trees, rocks, monsters, wildlife, and even enemy thralls were simply missing from the game. The land claim radius is set at 0, (I know it shouldn’t be, because that’s what made it all disappear) but even with admin permissions on it doesn’t allow me to click on it to change it.

Bug Reproduction:

It happened randomly and I am unsure of the cause. It’s like this every time I log in now, regardless of game or system restarts.

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Hi @AL0PEX97 and welcome to the community! You know I am a Singleplayer myself, although on playstation 5, and this sounds very similar to an issue I am having at the moment, where basically large swathes of the map are utterly uninhabited! I might also summon this to my friend @Barnes attention and see if there are some flags going up in his mind too. But I am now wondering if this could be a Singleplayer mode bug??

AL0PEX97 here is a link to my thread if you would like to check it out and draw some comparisons.


Hi there and welcome!

While I don’t own an XBox, some of the same complications can occur on the PC too. How did you set your radius to 0, was it through the game menu?

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It just happened randomly, without me doing it, and it is grayed out so that I cannot change it back myself.

Bear with me if I’ve got this wrong. My understanding is while you’re playing your Single Player game, you are unable to change the Land Claim Radius setting by game menu.

Try this:

  1. Exit your game and go back to the Main Menu.
  2. Access the Server Settings on this menu.
  3. Grant yourself Admin via Make Me Admin.
  4. Access the Land Claim Radius setting. If it is no longer greyed out, set it to .25. (The recommended absolute minimum setting.)

From the main menu, you can’t access server settings or the make me admin button, you can only access it while in game. I have made myself admin, and can edit all other settings, except for the land claim radius. It’s as if it glitched to 0 and is frozen there.

Gotcha. On the PC we can operate “master settings” which can often overwrite the Single Player experience. Nudity, for instance.

What used to happen in the PC world is that a setting, if put to an invalid value, would not permit “menu-based” changing of the setting. We would then be required to change the .ini file, which you cannot do on the XBox. My suspicion is that this incorrectly-registered value of 0 has caused this effect, but since you cannot edit .ini files, we’re a bit stuck.

I will need a bit of time to work up an analogous situation on the PS4, which has similar menu limitations.

In the meantime, are you able to log in with an alt account on your XBox and play single player from there? If so, is that world operating normally?

Actually, I found a way to reset my single player settings to default, and this changed the land claim radius value to 1.00, and I changed my other settings back. I do appreciate the help for PC too though, I’ll definitely remember it if I have this issue on the PC version. Resetting my settings and restarting fixed it!


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