All the thralls and pets vanished after the patch and new ones vanish as soon as they are placed

online private

log in, notice all placed thrall are gone.
grab a new thrall and try and place it on terrain and it instantly vanishes
grab another thrall and place on a foundation and again the thrall vanishes

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log is telling me the thrall decayed because no member of guild has been online in a long time

this is odd because not only did i play yesterday… but i am also in game when im trying to place the new thrall… seems like something is broken :slight_smile:

Check how is set the decay for your thralls.

There is a special setting now in the server-settings. You can uncheck fully thrall-decay, or set the time it takes.
Maybe something is set very wrong.

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Hey there @tripsan

As @Vattende said, there’s now two new settings for thrall decay (timer and enable/disable). Also, since you mentioned this is happening in a private server: are there any mods installed?

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