Allow any dye to be used in warpaints

The warpaint pattern stays the same, but it’s up to the player to choose the color.


As a sorceress i might disagree, what ingredience we put into the dye influences what magical properties it can bestow.

But there is cosmetic war paints too tho, knock yourself out with those.

Does putting on a cosmetic paint cancel out the enchanted one though?

I’d say symbolism is a much stronger component in the case for warpaints than the dye, and it’s the dragonpowder together with the symbol/pattern that bestows the player with the power of the paint.

It is, the dragonpowder tho only makes the inherent magic manifest itself, then what shape that takes depends on the ingredients, the pattern is only the catalysator. The key if you like. The dragonpowder the keyhole and the dye the shape of the key that actually opens this spesific door.

(Its all in my head of cours, not lore, i’m only humoring myself.)

I enjoy dabbling with stuff like this too, but I also like to do a bit of research.

Color has an important factor in native american war paints it turns out.
And of course there are several studies on the psychological impacts of color in general.

Info on magic/sorcery in the Conan world however, was scarce.
There’s a reply in this post that links to several of the wizards in Conan which you might find interesting @Bleobheris.

Still, for the sake of character customization, I would prefer to have control over the color.

Perhaps introduce a unique element for the + attribute potions that would be the “shape of the key” to follow your musings.

  • Iron ore for strength
  • Oil for agility
  • Blood for vitality
  • Gossamer for accuracy
  • Ichor for grit
  • Bonemeal for encumbrance
  • Egg for survival

I chose these items since they are fairly easy to obtain, have properties that relate to the effect of the warpaint, and they should be able to mix with fluids in real life.

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I like you level of research and general nerdness.

Nice solution too. The colors themselves do not matter that much to me as the “psychological” aspect varies from culture to culture, which there is many of in the exiled lands anyway.

I would like it tho if the cosmetic part only got to choose colors and not shapes as well, it feels important that fellow magicians are able to tell from looking what kind of buff it gives.