Enchanted warpaints.. witchpaints

I would like to have more options for warpaints with effects, that affect not only attributes of the character, but also add special effects, for example:

  • giving the character a certain perk, regardless of attribute level (or multiply using change perk to higher one)

  • glowing-forget about your torch

  • damn-whoever takes things from your body will get a set of poisoning and bleeding

  • resurrection-a couple of seconds after death, you will get up again with some health

  • changing the way you move… to flight… not for long)

  • safe fall

  • reducing the aggressiveness of the environment to you

and more

if make a short period of existence of the scroll before applying, players will not be able to carry a pack of them…


omg this is brilliant, I totaly want to carry an explosive jar that will trigger when someone loots my body :rofl: Imagine the race afterwards ha ha

Some more ideas for warpaint perks :

  • No aggro for certain group of animals / Tribes
  • Increased drop (like more steel bars and such) on bodies.
  • Increased T4 spawn rate after killing Place-holders.
  • No sound when moving / jumping. (Ninja warpaint !)

these sound like great options, especially the torch-alike is good idea

great ideas! would be wonderful to see them implemented in game.