Warpaints colours

Hello, barbarians! I would like to make suggestions towards Warpaints and feel free to add any ideas.

Firstly, the current warpaints are too neon or bright and the colouration is not at all natural-looking, I understand we want to be striking but we are not going to a rave. If folks like that then the solution may be to tie in the current dye system with the warpaints using those colours made available.

One idea is to create for example “Children of Ymir” warpaint design using a brush and Papyrus Scroll and any other material at the Artisans Work Table (or other). Once the warpaint pattern is created then take it to a Fire Cauldron to begin the process of making the paint from the usual ingredients, but instead using a dye of choice would thus create a warpaint of that colour.


Or perhaps allow us to apply the dye to the tattoo the same way as clothes allowing a unique clan look to the tattoo system.

I don’t mind the Neon look. I do think however the race specific tattoo’s should be of a set colour and not editable with only the stat altering ones to be stylised.


Full support on the dye thingy, that would be awesome :smiley:

Only a possibility for colorchange. Iike it NEON!!!
Speaking of which… my “neon orange” is mostly brown on anything. and my ichor green is pure plack with a small greenish tint. Paint system is a mess in this form. Demand TRUE colors. :smiley:
And give the man an option to recolor those awesome highly saturated warpaints to something non visible please. :smiley: