Tattoos for characters?

I was browsing through some of Ron Cobb’s concept art for Conan the Barbarian and came across some sketches of some characters adorned with full bodysuit tattoos. As someone that has a few tattoos myself, I thought it may make a nice alternative to war paint. Just a suggestion.


Always wanted this, the cosmetic warpaint should be permanent and only removed via soap like it used to, they should let us pick from all cosmetic warpaint at char creation, i mean seriously cosmetic warpaint hurts nothing it’s just a style, so char creator should have it

Was so salty when they messed with cosmetic warpaint durations, like it made no sense to add a restriction to cosmetic warpaint when it buffs nothing

I would love to have a God tattoo from the 1st choice I make when I start the character, in my right arm for example a tattoo of Crom that never fades, this would be awesome and it would show to others what religion I picked for first religion, really cool actually isn’t it?


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