Considerations for Warpaint

Conan Exiles is a really cool game in which I can do cool things. A goal of mine is to look cool while doing said things. Warpaint looks cool! As it stands now, however, the stuff just disappears too quickly. I get that functional warpaint shouldn’t last forever, with the assumption that this choice was made for the sake of pvp balance. But the decorative styles don’t last long, either.

Before launch, I remember hearing that the decorative styles were supposed to last for a week or so. Is this still the intent? Because mine disappears after just several hours, maybe half a day or so. I rarely see other players using them either, and I expect it’s because they are just cosmetic and not helpful in a mechanical way, as well as because they just don’t remain long enough to make them worth crafting. I tend to carry a couple extra warpaints with me wherever I go so I can just slap another one on, because COOL. :smiley: But it would be nice to just have them remain on the character for longer, even indefinitely. So, I’m curious if the decorative styles can be altered to make them remain for longer once they’re applied. It would be a nice touch, and since they don’t provide any bonuses, what could it hurt?

I also think that it would be interesting to see more functional warpaint. There are more possibilities for this, such as paint that provides a bit of additional protection against heat, cold, or corruption. Perhaps even a type that grants a very small degree of passive health regeneration! I think that it would add some neat options to use, and with the sorcery system currently on ice, it would be an interesting way to show that there is still more magic at work in the Exiled Lands while taking advantage of an already-existing part of the game. It would definitely be cool! :slight_smile:

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