Conan exiles warpaint duration permanent?

Hi guys so my one character has had the war paint shown on him for 2 years now it was a deceptive war paint I swapped it out for the vitality paint but found out the effect wore off but paint stayed for about 3 weeks till I changed it again recently to something that looks better but now all of a sudden it disappears when I die or when some timer runs out it’s weird bcuz I have had war paints (deceptive only) last even thru multiple deaths untill now for some reason I don’t know is the a glitch trick to keep the visuals only as a permanent tattoo type because I know they can last longer but I think I had done a glitch to keep it and I don’t know what I did someone know something?

All warpaints are meant to be temporary in nature. I am only playing on official servers so am unaware of the interaction mods may have with warpaint.

The thread has PS4 tagged on it, so I doubt it’s a mod-related issue.

@Killjoy: I think warpaints are intended to wear off at death or after the timer runs out, so it’s possible that a recent patch has fixed the bug that up until now let you keep wearing your warpaints longer than intended.

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