War-paints applied disappear after some time

Hi there,

Been playing on a private server and a couple days ago we discovered the war-paints we’ve applied on us disappeared.
After reapplying them, we noticed that after some time, they disappear.
Has anyone else noticed something similar or is aware of a possible change that might have applied a timer on said paints?

they always had a timmer on them ( at least i am sure about the ones that gives bonuses like vitality , and I am not sure 100% but i think the cosmetics one would last only 2h , where the buff ones last 1h )


decorative last 4 hours or til dead
functional last 1 hour or til dead


Or relog i think

I was also surprised, but I realised I came back in the game after almost 2 years break.
Warpaints have a limited duration now, this is good, the game was too easy!

Relogging shouldn’t remove them.
Only as @drachenfeles says, death or time can remove them.

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