Allow battlemetrics on officials servers (or the same in game)


Can you please allow battlemetrics on officials servers? @community

It is working for some private servers, so why not on officials?

We need a way to check the server population, time played, etc … before playing on a server. To choose the one that fit our play style.

The players names are hidden, so it will not harm anyone. You can not use it to offline raid, follow a players, etc …

Or if you can add a servers stats in the game with charts.

  • number of players per days and months.
  • number of total hours played per day and months.
  • server ranking per day and months.

Thanks for your help.

Huh, that would actually help, yes. The way it was after usernames were hidden, and before BattleMetrics completely gave up, it just showed a single player with no name and lots of activity, because all the unnamed players counted as one.

A simple API that allowed to know the number of people and time played would be great, as long as it didn’t disclose the names of the players.

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