Allow battlemetrics on officials servers


Can you please allow battlemetrics on officials servers?

It is working for private servers, so why not on officials?

We need a way to check the server population, time played, etc … before playing on a server. To chose the one that fit our play style.

Thanks for your help.

I have another issue, trying another official server today, strange many russian in chat, strange high ping 80 instead of 40 …

A check on old page of battle metrics and i see that this server is hosted in russia!!!

So i play fews hours for nothing, i need a server hosted in germany, near me.

Can you please allow battlemetrics again, or at least put servers location and stats in the servers page in the game?

A ping of 80? You’re lucky mate! My PS4 officials tend to be around 200 eventhough they are hosted in germany

Use fiber or VDSL
Use a good router like fritzbox
Use ethernet cable, not wifi!
Ping of 40 :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:
Might be a server problem though since some of my mated have the same problems

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