Allow Tree Spawns Near Base

Please come up with a way to allow trees to stay spawned near a base. It is disappointing to find a great spot with nice trees and then have the scenery destroyed because you built nearby. I understand what the current mechanic is intending to do, but it would be nice to at least be able to keep the trees nearby and still not have rocks, animals , etc. spawn inside the base.

If not that, then allow decorative trees placed by the player


I’m supporting the decorative trees idea… General mechanic of the game is the removal of ressources near your base… In my opinion, not much to do about that… HOWEVER, a thing that could be done is make trees that players can put down on their own, would be absolutely fantastic

Stones too even, if people wanted that :slight_smile:

If you play solo or on your own server you can adjust this in the settings. We do that for this reason. If you want I can look at the what we changed the setting to and post it.

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Reduse the range threshold for removing resources from edge of building location. I am in support of this for official servers.
Suggested range. Two block tiles in each direction.
Please apply to all resources.

A change like this also combats troll players looking to annex resource nodes. It will cost more resources for them to do so.