Almost 2000 hours played feedback

You know, I didn’t even realize this was one of my most played games until a friend pointed out my playtime. Great game and I’m ecstatic that Funcom is continuing to keep the game fresh with content and fixes; on that note, I have a list of things I’d like to see addressed.

A. General Feedback - not map specific:

  1. Hitboxes. Many creatures still have baffling collission and hitboxes which make them a pain to fight; Rhinos, for example, get other entities stuck in their heads constantly. Elephants and such make more sense as you actually have to physically contact to hit, however because of some of the attack animations (daggers or maces) being wildly elaborate and exaggerated this makes actually making such contact difficult.
  2. Weapon Animations. As noted in 1, some weapons’ animations are straight up aggravating. They are far too exaggerated. Maces are the worst offender, however all of the weapon animations could use a bit less ‘flourishing’ - and lose the spinning entirely on ALL of them. No one spins in melee combat. It’s a bad idea.
  3. Map… Design? This one is going to be a major overhaul to address, but I think it would set this game apart to accomplish. Currently my understanding is the way you set up the game map is to have one massive map and all of the world, dungeons included, is somewhere on it. This makes both the map size deceptive and limits the actual space you have to work with highly limited. Sections need to be instanced. Dungeons and even caves can and should be placed into entirely separate map asset files which load only when entered.
  4. Caves. Give me more caves. I want to go underground.
  5. Raise the level cap to 70 or 80 and give us more feats. It’s time.

B. Isles of Siptah Specific feedback:

  1. Size. The map looks amazing, but it’s actually really, really small. This is exacerbated by a huge number of building restricted areas and the Maelstrom literally chewing buildings apart - isn’t being constantly under seige during the storms enough? Let me face the peril and build my home inside!
  2. Thralls. Yeah, the crafting thrall ‘drop rate’ is abysmal. However, this isn’t the only concern… thralls are what sets Conan apart from Rust or Ark; the ‘surge’ mechanic is interesting, but you’ve taken what made your game unique and stand out and limited it. Can’t say I’m thrilled about this change.
  3. The Purge? So, I play on a private server I rent myself with a handful of friends - it’s basically PVE, and I know many many others play strictly PVE - and you’ve done an amazing job of keeping the game interesting for those who don’t consider other players to be the endgame content. With the purge. Isles of Siptah actually presents no threat whatsoever to a player’s base and thus negates the need for defensive thralls. I think this could easily be fixed by adding a ‘Surge Purge’; a stronger Surge that behaves the same way the Purge did.
  4. Risk/Reward. There needs to be a great deal of balancing between the rewards for certain actions. This covers a lot of ground, but for example the new Elephants… they have like 60 hit points. And give over 20k xp. The Elder races are far tougher and give around 18k xp. Resources as well; I love that brimstone is more plentiful and the scarcity needs to be addressed on the original map, however many things simply aren’t scarce or hard to get to - black ice and star metal are so easy to obtain it’s almost comical. Then again, we seem constantly short on ichor, bark and crystal. Bark especially… I noticed we increased the bark acquisition, but this still isn’t enough. Picks need to give bark as the primary harvest when hitting a tree with a chance to see SOME wood or resin. And finally ‘bosses’; the vault ones aren’t really that difficult and could stand to be buffed, sure, but many of the creatures out in the world are wildly difficult and drop… nothing. Yeah, serious letdown.
  5. Documentation. I know it’s intended to be a discovery thing, but some things need a bit more hints - what does Spectral Current do? How does higher Chaos effect summoned Surges? What am I supposed to do with the Delving bench? I figured many of these things out myself but some are still mysteries and the game isn’t dropping any hints.
  6. Minor Fixes. Library of Esoteric Artifact recipes aren’t showing up because the parent feat isn’t on Siptah. The ‘Drowned’ Vaults rely a bit too much on straight up blinding players. Limited access to plants for dying while others are literally everywhere. Young animals for taming are a bit rare - I was promised riding rhinos but can barely find any young while horses are everywhere; also, make the Siptah Rhino capable of being used for a mount.

Thanks and keep up the good work guys!

Siptah rhino is a meme It’s by far my the worse one I tamed. After a long search for babies it was a let down that it’s not rideable. Even the Basic grey can be ridden. For a pet named after the new map it’s not worth having,

Please don’t :slight_smile: The center being free from over-builders and landclaim-spammers is my favorite Siptah feature by far - in fact it’s what made me return to online play after swearing I was done with it!

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